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RemoteViewService with CursorRemoteViewFactory implementation

random aspirer
random aspirer Published in 2017-09-14 04:51:56Z

Recently i have built a home screen widget that uses normal array as the data source in the RemoteViewsFactory implementation. I have few questions which are as follows.

1) I have read in the documentation that i can do long running tasks in getViewAt() method of RemoteViewsFactory class and want to know more about the internal service implementation of RemoteViewsService is it similar to IntentService or any other service implementation( let me know if you find anything from AOSP)

2) Have any one tried CursorRemoteViewsFactory as an adapter source, for this purpose is there any readily available class/API or should i implement my own cursor adapter version of RemoteViewsFactory to bind data to RemoteViews.

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