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Technology Stack for Hybrid Mobile Application using ASP.NET

B V Published in 2017-09-14 03:06:28Z

I'm in process of deciding the technology stack for Hybrid Mobile Application with Asp.net.

I just want to use close to the Microsoft technology(we are using Web APIs, MS SQL DB planning to use MVC, PhoneGap).

Can any one recommend best fit in all the aspects? if you have samples that should help us

Volodymyr Bilyachat
Volodymyr Bilyachat Reply to 2017-09-14 03:11:44Z

There is no best. All of technologies/frameworks have pros and cons.

On the other hand there is no difference what you have on backend when you talk in REST.

My personal "best" is ionic framework since I like to work with angular, and angular (not angularjs) for me is smth like usercontrols in webforms but again this is my personal thoughts.

For other people "best" is react native.

To choose what is best for you you should ask your self about your team skills and choose comfortable for you

And to sum up, basically hybrid apps has nothing to do with an asp.net this is server side and this part must be separated.

Jason Matthews
Jason Matthews Reply to 2017-09-14 11:37:58Z

If you want great performance and also use the MS Stack, I'd suggest Xamarin. https://www.xamarin.com/platform.

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