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Visual studio 2017 line breaks in cshtml

rmk Published in 2017-09-08 01:17:45Z

I have some annoying situation:

When I'm typing code and opening braces Visual studio insert double line break. Like this:

function a(){


I need:

function a(){


Help me please find proper setting.

Visual Studio 2017 > CSHTML > javascript block. In .js files all works fine.

Sara - MSFT
Sara - MSFT Reply to 2017-09-10 04:36:45Z

After confirmed with the ASP.NET Core web application, I can reproduced it and I have already reported this issue to the VS Product Team, please check this: VS 2017(15.3.3): in the Asp.NET Core Web application>*.cshtml>JS block and define the function, press Enter key inside the opening braces will get double new lines and you can add your own comment, let us waiting for the response comes from the VS Product Team, thanks.

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